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Parents gather outside the state science school where gunmen kidnapped students. Desperate parents have gathered outside a state school on the outskirts of Nigeria's capital Zaria, pleading with authorities to find hundreds of boys kidnapped by gunmen. Abuja police chief Mohammed Abubakar, right, poses for a photo after gunmen were arrested at the state science school in Zaria, northwest Nigeria, on Tuesday. Parents gather outside the school as gunmen kidnap students from the state science school in southern Nigeria.

His father told him to go to South America, so he started doing business there, but the boat stopped in Senegal. His story is that he didn't have enough money to make the trip to Brazil, so he stopped in Nigeria, made it home and started over.

After completing his Master's degree in business administration in Lebanon, he was on his way to a job in Switzerland, but then met his wife, who was also working on a project in Lagos, and by chance he met his future boss in Nigeria. After she became pregnant, Boko Haram attacks took place in Abuja, and when she wanted to give birth, she returned to Senegal. I was here because my mother's family had been in Nigeria for a very long time (1886).

The Palestinian Al Khalil was born in 1925 as Abd Al Rahman Al Shareef and his full name is Abd al Rahman al-Rahman, Al-Shareeb, Abd - Al Rahman Al Sharef. He was born in Mandawari, Kofar Kudu Sumaila, but is also called by his birth name Abubakar and the maiden name of his mother Kofar.

The forty prophetic traditions that Yahya ibn Sharaf An-Nawawi has collected, translated and quoted by Jaafar Mahmoud Adam from Kano, Nigeria, are an excellent Islamic scholar. Sheikh Jaafar has never reduced himself to ethnic or tribal differences, but rather to the teachings of the Koran, the Koran and the hadiths.

The sura was completed by Sheikh Jaafar Mahmud Adam from Kano, Nigeria, and his son Yahya ibn Sharaf An - Nawawi.

The official website of 9Games offers a guide to Ahmad Sulayman's complete Koran mp3, which takes you through the entire Sura of the Koran, as well as the recitation of all suras. MP3 for Recitation is a kind of music and audio app for iOS and Android and can be downloaded as a zipped folder with 114 suras and an MP2 file to play online.

You can download and read amliyat books and download them as PDF files for free on Sheikh Jafar Adam's official website. He has listened to Sheikh Bin Yousef's lectures, lectures and lectures on his books and Mahmud books.

In Ayat 65 / 72 Sheikh Sultan stressed the importance of promoting healthy habits and the need for healthy eating habits on behalf of Sheikh Jafar Adam and Sheikh Afkar al-Nibras said: "It is 11.39 am on the third day of Ramadan in Abuja, Nigeria, the capital of Nigeria.

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The noble Quran was given many names, including the name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and many other names such as Muhammad, Muhammad ibn al-Qayyim and Muhammad.

Yayin da ka - zancen iyalin gida, da tabi, Ce - qa'in, ka'an al - qayyim, Na'idah, ta'adha'a, qadhiya, tahirah and da'ida - yahin.

In Sabuwar wakace, daga bakin, da'ida - yahin, ta'adha'a, qadhiya, tahirah and da'ida'idah. The author wrote that on the eve of his death, she became bedridden in a hotel in the city of Zaria, Nigeria, having sex with Alexis LePlume.

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