Zaria Nigeria

ZARIA AND ITS PEOPLE People of Zaria are hardworking, welcoming and love to socialize. From the stories told of the Hausa Bakwai meaning Seven Original Hausa descendants, comes the ancient city of Zazzau now known as Zaria seated in the northern part of Kaduna state, Nigeria. As the southernmost of the Hausa Bakwai, Zaria is perfectly placed to serve as an important market location and business centre for surrounding areas. Zaria city can be accessed by road, rail and also the airport north of the city. Zaria also features a multi-ethnic population a few tens of thousands above 950,000 consisting majorly of Muslim Hausa, Fulani and insignificant number of foreigners. Featuring a tropical savanna climate, Zaria sees fairly less rainfall year round with a noticeable dry season. These conditions are favorable for the production of a number of agricultural products. Zaria is one of the leading producers of cotton and groundnut in Nigeria. Indigenes are into leather works, textiles, beautiful embroideries, furniture making and other traditional crafts. ENJOYING YOUR STAY IN ZARIA Tourist can get the best moment through sightseeing, shopping, eating delicacies and entertainment.    Emir of Zazzau's Palace  aria City walls • Ahmadu Bello University   College of Aviation Technology   St Bartholomew Church: Northern Nigeria's first missionary school  Barewa College: secondary school that has produced five heads of states/presidents in Nigeria; founded in the year 1921.

Ahmadu Bello Univeristy


GOOD OLD CITY IN A MODERN WORLD Zaria amalgamates the fascinating historical mystery of an old city with the gratifying splendor of a modern city. Locals are known to be friendly and social people ready to accommodate and socialize with outsiders. Zaria is a city with a calm ambience yet with more than enough interesting activities going on from dawn to dusk. Locals, travelers or tourists can visit several interesting sites of attraction, shop at the malls and market, eat delicacies in restaurants and get the best of Nigerian hospitality in exotic hotels. Eat In or Take Away Zaria also boasts of the best of Nigerian delicacies with the northern twist such as Tuwo, Fura da Nunu, Jollof rice  Kamala Foods and Restaurants  Wadata Food Palace   Dan Abdullahi Fruits store Hotels in Zaria The best of northern Nigerian hospitality can only be found in these highly rated hotels   The Fabs Hotel  Zaria Hotel • TeeJay Palace Hotel